About Valley Carports

Our Single-Post model adds value and a clean simple look to your project. The posts are set farther back on the carport. As a result, car doors don't bang into the structures, and cars are less likely to hit the posts. This model will require less repairs over the years. Our Single-Post model is currently available in two designs, Semi-Cantilver and Tee


Our Semi-Cantilever structures have the posts set back farther to keep them clear of car doors. With this design, the columns are also less likely to be hit by careless drivers.

Tee Design

The Tee design is often used for double-wide parking stalls. The columns are located in the center of the structure which allows you to have a deeper structure to accomodate more vehicles.

Roofing Options

This model is typically constructed utilizing galvanized, or painted, metal roof deck; however, this structure can be done (at some additional cost) with composite roofing. Please note that non-metal roofing options may incur additional engineering expenses and that Valley Carports does not typically provide or install non-metal roofing.


Valley Carports offers a variety of standard colors. Please refer to our color chart for standard colors.


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