Carport Rehabilitation

Damaged carports can make a bad first impression, or worse yet, render part of a carport unitilizable. Carport rehab is the process of repairing or replacing damaged materials to help restore the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your complexes' carports.

What repairs can be done?

Carport rehab can be as simple as taking out a dent or ding, but replaement parts are often necessary. We can replace nearly any component on a structure.

How long does it take?

Carport repairs usually take less than one business day to complete once on site. A crew will typically be on site within 15 business days of our receiving authorization to proceed with the repair.

How do you assess the damage?

Initially, we will typically request that photos of the damage be sent to us. Often, the photos are sufficient for us to assess the damage, but at times a visit to the site may need to be scheduled.


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