Semi-Enclosed Garages

Our semi-enclosed garages give you the protection and security of a traditional garage without the engineering hassle and cost. They also look great!

Why Semi-Enclosed Garages

Semi-Enclosed garages offer more privacy and protection than carports, but cost less than traditional garages. Like gables, they are also really easy to match with the other buildings in your project.

Roofing and Walls

Like our gables, these can have metal, tile, or composite roofing. Semi-Enclosed Garages can also be enclosed with a variety of materials to help you go one step further in meeting your project's architectural requirements. A few examples (lattice, stucco, and metal) can be seen on the right. Valley Carports does not typically supply or install non-metal roofing or walls.


Semi-Enclosed Garages are available with hippeded ends (where the end gradually slopes toward the center) and closed ends.


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