Gable Models

Our Gable model, simply put, looks amazing on any residential project. They come in a wide variety of roof types and styles to help you match the other structures in your project. Gables are typically done with a double-post configuration, but they are available in a single-post configuration as well.

Why a Gable Model?

Gables look amazing and are easy to match with the other structures in your project. If your city has strict requirements regarding matching roof types, a Gable model may be a good option for you.

End Options

Gable models are available in 3 different end styles: open, closed, and hipped. Please select an end style option under the images to see examples of each.

Roofing Options

Our Gable model is engineered for metal, composite, or tile roofing. Please note that tile and composite roofing is typically not provided or installed by Valley Carports.


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All Closed Ends
Open Ends Hipped Ends